Anurag Mathur

Anurag is a Govt. approved tour guide in medieval Mughal capital of Agra, which is also known as the city of Tajmahal. His deep passion for cameras, photography, art, music, history, technology & travelling help him immensely as a guide. Anurag holds multiple degrees in computer science, arts and commerce, and has worked for various multinationals like IBM, NIIT, Tata InfoTech and Pentasoft, heading ecommerce training departments. Having done all that, Anurag is now doing what he loves, working as a tour guide. In fact, he believes, he was always destined to do that. Anurag is well versed in the Persian script and has done his own private research about the secrets of the Mughals and their monuments, by studying and deciphering their original chronicles, collecting old pictures, videos and facts which, using audio/video technology, he presents before his guests, to visually enhance their overall experience during the tours. Anurag is also in the process of compiling his research in the form of an online eBook for the benefit of the tourism industry. During the tours with his clients, he also shows them pictures of the monuments, giving them an idea of how they would have looked originally, tediously recreating these images using computer software, with colors and mosaics. It enhances the client's visual imagination, and his stories become realistic. He loves to travel, as has travelled to the United States, Africa (Monrovia) Denmark, Switzerland, Germany & Nepal to name a few. His proud mentions in various publications regarding my recognition as a tour guide, include the prestigious travel magazine "Luxury Travel Advisor, USA, Nov, 2012 edition", in "HT City" section of Hindustan Times for recognition in the field of tourism, "Go adventure magazine, USA , Sept 2014 online edition, and Indian Talent Magazine in December 2014 edition in the featured section . Leaving his career in the IT Industry, he started working as a tour guide in 2009, after obtaining a license from the Govt. He has an immense interest in Photography, Food / Cuisines, Music, Hindu & Islamic Architecture.

Anurag started photography initially as a hobby, mostly doing landscapes and nature with his point and shoot Lumix camera during his travels. After joining a photography club and online photography classes, he updated his camera to a Nikon DSLR. Ever since then, his photos have been endorsed by U. P. Tourism department, various online photography clubs, magazines, and online Facebook pages. Currently he is one of the admin's & mentor to a Photograph Professionals club on Facebook,and a member of various online photography clubs. He organizes photo walks and workshops for various groups / brands, and his passion mostly lies in pre-wedding, architectural, portrait & street photography. Anurag's inspiration was his Uncle, Mr. R. D. Mathur, who was a celebrated cinematographer in Bollywood, the world largest movie industry. He was called the Emperor of the Camera. He was the director of photography for epic movies like Mughal-E-Azam & Pakeezah which won him the prestigious Filmfare Award, which is the Indian equivalent to the Oscars.